Staffing and Recruiting Services

Our Staffing Solutions

Our staffing services are designed to make Mid-South Care Services your trusted partner in workforce solutions. Whether you’re seeking temporary staff for short-term projects, exploring temp-to-hire options, or searching for permanent placements, we have the expertise to connect you with the right healthcare professionals. With a commitment to matching skills and cultures, we streamline your hiring process, ensuring that you find the talent you need to achieve your organization’s goals. Let us be the bridge between your staffing needs and top-notch talent.

Permanent Placement

Find superior talent with our permanent placement services, recruiting professionals that align with your healthcare organization’s goals.

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Try our temp-to-hire services and gain firsthand experience working with our talented healthcare professionals before making full-time hiring decisions.

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Contract Staffing

Rely on us for skilled healthcare professionals for short-term projects or other caseload needs, delivering quality and expertise for your organization’s goals.

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Nurse Staffing Agency

Trust us to expertly connect skilled nurses with healthcare facilities, ensuring top-quality patient care across various roles.

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Seasonal Positions

Get connected with talented healthcare professionals to help your organization during busy seasons or other changes in pace.

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Our dedicated caregivers are compassionate professionals who provide essential support and companionship to improve lives.

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CNA Agency

We bridge Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) with healthcare facilities, ensuring their valuable skills meet patient care needs.

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Temporary Staffing

Address staffing gaps or heightened demand with our flexible temporary staffing, providing skilled healthcare professionals on-demand.

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Let’s Work Together

Are you a healthcare professional interested in exploring opportunities with leading healthcare organizations throughout the Memphis and Shelby County, TN area including Desoto County, MS? Let’s work together to create brighter tomorrows. Join us on a journey of care, compassion and community as we strive to make a positive impact on lives every day. Your partnership with Mid-South Care Services is the cornerstone of our mission, and together we can achieve remarkable outcomes. Apply with us today and discover the difference we can make hand in hand.